I am basically a fangirl and a Cumbercookie and a huge fan of Martin Freeman because both he and Benedict Cumberbatch are great :) (if you couldn't figure from my blog). I am part of the Wholock fandom! And, I love you all! I KNOW ASH!
I Have A Blog Now. Blogs Are Cool.

One of my friends asked me if I ever stop thinking about Sherlock, Doctor Who or Tumblr, and of course I reply with a Sherlock quote

Then she says there’s something wrong with me (I’m sorry, but she just asking for the quote)

And at lunch time I had a banana and she asked me how I could eat bananas because they are disgusting. Time for a Doctor Who quote I thought.

And then she said that she doesn’t know how people could possibly understand me so I screamed ‘PEOPLE ON TUMBLR UNDERSTAND ME! THEY ARE ME!’